Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of California is the highest court in the State and consists of the Chief Justice and six associate justices. The Court is headquartered in San Francisco but it regularly holds sessions in Sacramento and Los Angeles. In addition, from time to time the Court holds special historic sessions or special oral argument sessions in other parts of the State.

Supreme Court of California
The Supreme Court’s homepage provides information about the operation of the Court including case information, calendars, and practices and procedures.

About the Supreme Court of California
This link provides information about the membership of the Court, qualifications of the justices, and the original jurisdiction and authority of the Court.

A Visitors’ Guide to the Supreme Court of California
This two-page publication provides a brief overview of the Supreme Court including how a case progresses through the Court.

The Supreme Court of California Booklet
This 70-page publication provides an overview of the Supreme Court’s work, procedures, and membership. It describes the court’s beginnings and early development and explains the procedures governing the movement of cases through the court today.

Inside the Supreme Court: