Special Sessions

In recent years, the Supreme Court has convened in special sessions to commemorate historic occasions and to honor justices and court staff in memorial services. In one exceptional instance, Bernard Witkin – the preeminent California legal scholar, was also honored in this way. Historic sessions are presented below.

Memorials for selected members of the Supreme Court are located under the names of the individual justices on the California Supreme Court Justices page. Special Sessions for oral argument are located in the Guide to California Courts section.

Rededication of the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building in Sacramento
November 6, 2002

Celebration of the 100th Anniversaries of the Orange County Bar Association and the Old Orange County Courthouse
October 4, 2001

Celebration of 150th Anniversary of the Supreme Court [PDF]
February 8, 2000

Dedication of the Courtroom in the Earl Warren Building in San Francisco, CA
January 8, 1999

In Memoriam Bernard E. Witkin (1904 – 1995) – San Francisco, CA
December 3, 1996