The California Supreme Court Historical Society produces two publications on a continuing basis:

CSCHS Publications: California Legal HistoryCSCHS Publications: CSCHS Review

The CSCHS Newsletter, predecessor to the CSCHS Review, was published from 1992 through Spring/Summer 2019.


Major Publication!

Constitutional Governance and Judicial Power: The History of the California Supreme Court, a collaborative treatment of the Court’s 150-year history, edited by Harry N. Scheiber is now available for purchase. Also available on HeinOnline.



Other publications are listed below.

California Court Houses, edited by Barbara George; features photographs and descriptions of historic county court houses. These photographs are available in the County Courthouses section of the website.

Activism in Pursuit of the Public Interest: The Jurisprudence of Roger J. Traynor, by Benjamin Field; published in cooperation with the Institute for Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley; a jurisprudential biography of Chief Justice Roger Traynor, who served on the California Supreme Court from 1940 to 1970, focusing on Perez v. Sharp, DeBurgh v. DeBurgh, People v. Cahan, and leading products liability cases. This publication is currently out-of-print.



Except as otherwise noted, please contact the Director of Administration for information about the availability of any of the Society’s publications.